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Hall of Fame 10.11.2019

You need to re-download the game clients to be able to play.

We hope that the problems with internet, electricity, crashes will not be present anymore!

The website module for weekly rewards is done. As we stated earlier, there will be weekly rewards as well as current DS/BC ranking. 

We will have weekly awards for DS and BC for now. There will be weekly Online time reward, later.

Due to the new weekly rewards, jewel drop is lowered just a little bit (~10%).

The first iteration of weekly rewards will become next week (Monday, 21 October) at midnight (Server time).

Potential awards: Box of Kundun / credits/ Zen / jewels. We are still brainstorming on the exact awards. We will announce here, in this exact news post when we're ready with this.

You must download the new client to be able to play after Tuesday!

From 14:00 up to 14:15 (Server time) on 15th October 2019 (Tuesday) we will stop the server and site to transfer them to the new hosting. After the transfer is complete, you must use the new game client that you can download from here: Download. There will be absolutely no data loss, you can continue playing now. The hosting change is being done to eliminate the Internet connectivity and electricity problems and crashes.

You will be able to play with the new client after 14:15 server time on Tuesday. Until then, you will be able to play only with the old one (the current one).

Have fun!

I'm just making a reminder: we're developing the weekly rewards.
Rankings will be for BC/DS and Online time. We already collect the appropriate data.

A priority will be the new hosting - setting up, fixing bugs and putting into action. A rough estimate: new hosting will be up in 3-4 days, rankings will be slower than expected because of the hosting and will be ready in 7-8 days. I repeat: there will be absolutely no data loss when we change hosting, it will be almost unnoticeable (there will be new game clients, we will announce when they're ready). We will leave a whole day (24h) between new client links and the actual switch.

Have fun and I repeat: give your suggestions, we put a chat system and you can speak with us there (as well as in our other channels for communication: forums, facebook group).

The price for putting an item for sale on Market is lowered from 10 to 5 credits.

Thanks to the 6 people who participated. They will get 400 credits each a bit later tonight.
We will do some more tests and will move the server on the new hosting soon - we will notify you in advance, there will be no data loss.

Have funn